Driving Tips to Successfully Get Promoted from Ls to Ps

You passed the Driver Knowledge Test, eyesight test, and got your learner license. To get from L-plate to P-plate [provisional license], you need to appear for the Hazard Perception Test. For this, you will need to log in 120 hours [20 hours night time driving] driving experience under supervision in your logbook. A provisional License is held for three years after which you can apply for a full license.

NSW Road Rules for learners – progressing to clock 120 hours

To go for your Ps, the minimum time to clock the 120 hours will depend on your age. Generally, it is valid for 5 years. However, with L-plate, the drivers need to follow the NSW road rules that are aimed to keep them safe while honing their driving experience and skills.

  • Drive only cars with a visible ‘L’ plate under the supervision of a driver holding a full license. Log your hours in the logbook. You will need a minimum of 100 hours daytime and 20 hours nighttime driving experience before appearing for your Ps exam.
  • Never drive over 90 km/h speed limit and adhere to all the other safety precautions like no use of loudspeaker, mobile phone, or hands-free devices while driving, wear a seat belt, carry properly seated passengers, and not tow any other vehicle.
  • Ensure that you don’t get demerit points because if you get 4 or more in 3 years, your learner driving permit gets suspended or disapproved.

You can clock the 120 hours under the supervision of your family members or driving instructor. In Australia, LTrent Driving School has been giving driving lessons to new learners for 50 years. They have more than 100 trained instructors, who teach their students how to become a competent and safe driver.

Book your driving tests

You will have to appear for two tests

  • The HPT or hazard perception test [videos of traffic scenarios are shown in the HPT. You get 30 minutes to give safe responses. Take some mock test to get the feel of what can get asked in the HPT]
  • The practical driving test [carry learner license, logbook, and roadworthy clean car with L-plate]

You can book the test online [VicRoads booking service], phone the VicRoads, or at the nearest VicRoads center. Schedule the test and make payments.

Some things examiners will look for during the Ps practical driving test

Before the test, there will be an eye vision test. In case of any medical condition discuss it. In the driving test, the examiner will check your driving style and responses. Remember some things –

  • Keeping the indicator ON for 5 seconds feels funny with no cars following, but do it because the examiner will keep an eye on it.
  • Check the rearview mirror or glance over your shoulder for blind spots. Be obvious but don’t over exaggerate.
  • Keep your eyes open for stop signs as you exit the test center. Just don’t roll through but stop completely.
  • If it is not necessary avoid overtaking but if you feel stuck behind then get around that car without freaking.
  • You need to adjust to conditions when the road is muddy or wet after a rain and not crawl.
  • Schedule your driving test outside school times, if you feel a little concerned about driving across the school zone. In this way, you can drive across an easy 40 km/hr. speed.

Practice! Practice! Practice! Before you go for the P test!